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Pharmeko was founded in 2008 with the aim of being a connection between farmers / collectors and local processing companies. Placed in Latvia, Pharmeko is specialized in trading berries and mushrooms, either for the pharmaceutical and food industry. Small fruits are mostly used for obtaining extracts, juices and jams; one of the leading products is […]

Cascina Biblioteca

Cascina Biblioteca is a reality in the heart of Milan, located in the Lambro park, here people with disabilities or frailties of different types are accepted and supported with social and educational services along with work placement, through specific locations in care activities of public and private parks and gardens.   Inside the Farmhouse various […]

Elisabetta Fermani

Along the trail everyone can appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape: rolling hills and trees stylized promise wonders beyond the visible horizon, enticing travelers to move on. This fairy-tale set arises from the expert and light touch Elisabetta Fermani, illustrator and agronomist.   Her work, mold not only naturalistic, taking inspiration from the theme […]