Cascina Biblioteca

Cascina Biblioteca is a reality in the heart of Milan, located in the Lambro park, here people with disabilities or frailties of different types are accepted and supported with social and educational services along with work placement, through specific locations in care activities of public and private parks and gardens.
Inside the Farmhouse various kinds of activities are carried aout: most of them are aimed at involving the local community, such as social gardens, numerous events for children and adults, a petting zoo, a summer camp and many other initiatives.
The cooperative Cascina Biblioteca was founded in 2013 by the merger of two companies operating in the area since 1995: Fontanile and Viridalia. After this union Cascina Biblioteca became a cooperative A + B type, so it can offer care services and assistance to people with disabilities (inheritance of Fontanile) but also activities of job placement for the disadvantaged (inheritance of Viridalia).
Whether they are educational or work project, the individual is always at their core. On the person are designed and tailored actions to take, working closely with families and individuals that revolve around him/her.