Pharmeko was founded in 2008 with the aim of being a connection between farmers / collectors and local processing companies. Placed in Latvia, Pharmeko is specialized in trading berries and mushrooms, either for the pharmaceutical and food industry. Small fruits are mostly used for obtaining extracts, juices and jams; one of the leading products is undoubtedly the bilberry, collected from the woods and sold frozen in different qualities.
For the food industry only, they sell the most valuable mushrooms: the boletes and chanterelles. These products are provided both fresh and frozen, depending on the needs.
Leaving the European context but remaining in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors, Pharmeko, through strong partnerships in Africa, has the ability to collect and provide plant materials of the highest quality from reliable sources, such as Griffonia Simplicifolia.
Through close relationships with other European companies, Pharmeko is also able to provide live plants for the creation of professional systems of various species and varieties.