Elisabetta Fermani

Along the trail everyone can appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape: rolling hills and trees stylized promise wonders beyond the visible horizon, enticing travelers to move on. This fairy-tale set arises from the expert and light touch Elisabetta Fermani, illustrator and agronomist.


Her work, mold not only naturalistic, taking inspiration from the theme of fairy tales and poetry, encourage the viewer to go beyond the world of concrete and visible to access a dream space reserved for feelings and emotions.


As an agronomist and garden designer, particularly attentive to the issues of ecology and respect of the natural balance, Elisabetta deals with the design of gardens and green areas in both the public and private sectors, integrating, when possible, the principles of permaculture, a method designing human settlements and perennial agricultural systems that simulates the interactions found in natural ecosystems.


In collaboration with PN Studio and the University of Milan, Elisabetta manages planning and teaching in courses of completion of gardens for therapeutical use, dedicated to physical and mental rehabilitation of individuals.


In 2010, together with the architect Francesca Fornasari, has won the international competition of the Garden Festival of Chaumont Sur Loire with the creation of the garden “The reverie dans la nature”, a symbolic journey through settings where specific steps recreate the ancient and historical relations and practices existing between man and nature, inviting to reflection and reunification with the natural system.